Tokkun Academy

Man, This place is dusty. Its been months since I've last posted an update! I have quite a bit of work lying around, so I'll make up for it by posting a few things within the next couple of days. Lets start of with a Tutorial DVD I did a few months ago for Tokkun Academy. Its finally available on their website.

Right now, you can only buy the streaming option, but they're adding quite a bit of download options in a few days (such as download for iPhone / iPad).  They've made quite a few other Tutorial DVDs with some notable names such as: 

The Black Frog, Julien Allard, Derk Venneman, Bengal, Bougnah, Manu Malin, Panda, Miguel Coimbra. 

The Tutorial DVD will take you from the initial sketch to the final illustration. In the tutorial I'll be talking about things such as Color / Composition / Value and all of the things going on in my head while illustrating. Its subtitled (no audio) and is available in EN, FR, CH, JP and ES.

You can buy the DVD here (click)

Here's the final illustration:

Here's the trailer:

Teaser (EN) - Tokkun Academy - Brun Croes DVD 6 from TOKKUN STUDIO on Vimeo.

I'll be back in a few days with another update.